Altitude Facility

You want to be elite, train like the elite at the only altitude training center in the Caribbean. Whether you’re an elite athlete or ‘weekend warrior’, want improved fitness or weight loss your performance goals are brought closer to reality using our state-of-the-art, Everest Altitude Chambers at O² Performance Labs.

If traveling to Colorado or the French Pyrenees to get the benefits of altitude training doesn’t fit your schedule simply visit us. Our altitude training center is equipped with a state- of-the-art altitude chambers driven by industry leading Hypoxico Altitude Generators.

We’ve spared nothing here to create a world-class facility. There is simply no-one elsewhere in the Caribbean offering what we are in infrastructure and technology to our athletes and the general public. And that’s what we love – accessibility to the best possible altitude training for anyone: weekend warriors, trekkers, time-starved execs, busy moms, and elite athletes.Our Everest Chambers are the heart of our facility with a capacity to simulate an altitudes up to 21,000ft (6,000m).

Our Everest Chamber houses some of the world’s best cardio vascular conditioning equipment. Along with multiple CompuTrainer Cycling Simulators, our facility offers the best commercial cycle training facility in the country – and, of course, cycle training is fabulous low-stress training modality for many other disciplines like running, rowing to core cardio fitness.

While in the Everest Chamber you can use the full range of the CompuTrainer’s computerised capabilities: athletes can choose simulated rides from dozens of courses the world over, including all the IronMan courses, or you can time trial, or you can choose to pace against yourself or race others in the room at the same time! And your performance is monitored, recorded and given to you in real time, so you know exactly how you are getting on.

From a weight loss perspective you can choose a high-altitude walking or jogging session, ideal for building cardiovascular fitness and increasing weight loss with a proven 30% greater energy burn rate than the same exercise at sea level.

The Everest Chamber also offers a mix of physical condition equipment including the Concept2 Rowers, Spin Bikes, Ellipticals, and Treadmills.

Our Everest Chamber delivers 360 degree cardio/strength conditioning at an altitude, you can’t get a more time-efficient and effective workout anywhere else.

Ireland National Rugby Lions - Altitude Training with Hypoxico Equipment

At O² Performance Labs we use the technology developed for athletes by Hypoxico. The technology used at O² Performance Labs focuses on delivering the functional performance characteristic – low-oxygen (hypoxic) air at high flow rates. The 3 key steps to this process are:

  1. The system draws-in sea-level air and then separates and collects the primary components i.e., oxygen and nitrogen (a harmless mostly inert gas close to sea-level or above).
  2. The system remixes collected oxygen and nitrogen and adds more nitrogen to the mix. This extra nitrogen displaces oxygen leaving less oxygen molecules per litre of air.
  3. The system then sends the hypoxic air to our altitude chambers to simulate low oxygen concentrations otherwise occurring only at altitude.

The complete process is regulated using oxygen sensors that monitor in-chamber air composition allowing us to maintain specific simulated altitude conditions like say 13.5 percent or 3,750m (1,500m higher than Mexico City.

If popping over to Mexico City for your altitude training is too inconvenient you can simply step through our doors. Simulated altitude training improves athletic performance, speeds recovery, prepares people for high altitude trips and enhances overall fitness, weight loss and well-being. It is a time-efficient and scientifically based training tool that can take your fitness and performance to great heights.

Altitude simulation systems have enabled protocols that can gain the best of worlds, increased altitude physiology and increased levels of performance during intense workouts.

Athletes at sea level can now obtain Altitude Training Therapy indoors to achieve physiological adaption’s as if they were living at altitude and still be able to train in the oxygen rich environment at sea level.

O2 Performance Labs offers altitude training systems in the form of Oxygen Rooms and Hypoxicator Mask system’s powered by Hypoxico Altitude Training Systems.

Our equipment is commercial grade and possesses high durability plus upgraded internal components offering increased performance and versatility required by many clinical researchers, athletes and personal trainers.

System Features:

  • Unsurpassed 7600 L/hr. airflow for extreme comfort
  • Range 0-21,000/6400m adjustable altitude
  • Digitally adjustable Altitude/O2% control system
  • Adaptable for usage with sleep based, exercise based or IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training) systems
  • Internal or external digital Altitude/O2% monitoring system

What the unit does: The generator creates oxygen-depleted air which is pumped into enclosed room, the generator also produces oxygen-rich air that is released freely through an exhaust valve where it is immediately diluted with the regular air. Furthermore, as air is pumped an equivalent amount of oxygen-depleted air is pushed out. This air mixes with the oxygen-rich by-product from the generator and the two naturally cancel each other out.

Commercial Grade: Hypoxico manufactures and distributes world class technology in simulated altitude training. Simulated altitude training equipment is designed to ISO standards, with carefully engineered designs they have created systems that will satisfy the most rigorous needs of all our clients in both a user-friendly and extremely informative manner.

Take the next step and accomplish anything with O² Performance Labs!





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